About us

Hey, we’re the PAGES team – professional, ambitious, gorgeous, eloquent, super creative film enthusiasts – in one word: PAGES. Ok, we fibbed a bit, PAGES is not an acronym. But what do we stand for? Great films, great stories and creative concepts. And the wonderful people who are responsible for them:




Managing Director | Digitalization | Mario Kart World Champion

Maxi and PAGES grew up together. Maxi came to PAGES as an intern at the age of 15 (!), then had a short rebellious phase in which he did an internship at a private TV station. But he came back. And stayed. Having previously been involved with the production on exciting shoots all over Europe, he is now the managing director of PAGES. But that’s not all. Maxi has a magical aura that solves any technical problem as if by magic. I mean, who needs IT experts when you have Maxi?

Ask Maxi about the next big thing:


Project management EVE | on-site support | drone expert

Kevin is a tech nerd. So, now you know. That explains his previous employment with a drone manufacturer, as well as his job with us. Kevin is responsible for the project management of our digital live captioning service EVE. You have to imagine that – an AI that generates automatic live captions, edits them on a cloud, and then pushes them out to any device. If you didn’t understand any of that, Kevin can easily explain it to you.

Ask Kevin about tech nerd topics:




Camera | After Effects | Shape tongue to cloverleaf

Dennis is perfect. At least according to his own statement. In his role as producer, we can confirm that. But I’m sure he’s great in other ways, too! But let’s be honest: Dennis knows a lot about film technology. Always up to date, always dreaming of the latest cameras. He knows what’s “in” right now. That’s why his demands on videos are high. And that’s why they turn out – perfect!

Ask Dennis about the instructions for your new camera:


Camera | Editing | Trash-Talker

Denan’s childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer has not (yet) come true. Yet filmmaking and fashion design have a lot in common: both require a lot of creativity and a good eye. Denan has both. We’re glad he decided to go into filmmaking – after all, he doesn’t have to miss out on diva-like models in his team.

Get fashion tips from Denan:


Camera | Editing | Restaurant Tips

Kitschi is our second wonderful trainee in the production team besides Gahfur. We only hired him as a trainee with us back then after his internship , because he knows what isopropylprophimylbabitursauresphenildementyaminophyrazylon is – always our first question at job interviews. And because Kilian is a walking restaurant guide. And perhaps also because you can feel how much he enjoys working on camera.

Ask Kilian for restaurant tips in Munich:


Assistance | Photography | eat tzatziki in large quantities

Ghafur started his training with us in 2019. Since then, you can always count on tzatziki being in the house. According to Ghafur, tzatziki goes with everything. What also always goes is photography. That has always been Ghafur’s passion. That’s why he always gets to shoot our wonderful staff portraits. And aren’t we all shot perfectly?!

Give Ghafur your grandma's tzatziki recipe:




Office | preparatory accounting | Oracle

“The one who is always there”: Nikoleta holds the fort in the office, no matter how stressful the daily production routine is, she can be counted on. But Nikoleta already knew that she would eventually hold this position at PAGES. Because, according to her own statement, she can look into the future. So you can count on us for every project: Nikoleta always tells us which is the best film for you.

Ask Nikoleta about your future:




Content | Green Consultant | always over the top

All you can really say about Maren is that she is a great worker, courteous, talented and motivated. At PAGES, she takes care of the texts on the website, among other things. Her hobbies include people-watching in public places, sending GIFs and memes to family and friends, and crying at cartoons.

Tell Maren which Sailor Guardian you were:

Do you fit in?

We like to get to know new people, look forward to exciting new projects and focus on a relaxed collaboration that is fun. In order for us to get the best possible out of a project together, it has to fit, of course. We have written down some principles for our work here:

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We are friendly and treat each other with respect. We expect the same from our counterparts.

We accept everyone as they are. No one has to be fake. But if you are racist, homophobic, misogynistic, discriminatory, we do not come to a common denominator.

Diversity is Power. We are anti-racist, part of the LGBTQI+ community, promote female empowerment and celebrate diversity. We do not tolerate any form of hate and exclusion, but find strength in our differences.

We take everyone seriously. But not always ourselves.

Mistakes happen, we are human. Instead of blaming and shouting at each other, we look for the causes and learn from our mistakes. That way, they won't happen a second time.

We always do our best and give equal attention to each project - and we want to be honest with each other: If we find an idea unsuitable or think a deadline is unrealistic, we communicate that openly.

We know that we cannot save the world alone - but we want to make our contribution. That's why we are also committed to social and green projects out of conviction. We want to take action against climate change and social injustice - with what we do best: good stories in audio-visual form.